We have four different classes, each designed to suit the specific age group.  All of our classes also link to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Pre-natal and Newborn (available as a one off session for ante-natal groups)

Newborn classes are designed for parents with babies under 4 months, and are focussed on introducing music into all aspects of babies life.  Music is an important part of development and is an excellent support in establishing routine.  Music heard while in utero can be recognised once a baby is born and so this class is also appropriate to begin during the third trimester of pregnancy.


Baby classes are designed for babies from 4 months to walking.  Singing songs, bouncing, actions, introducing instruments and exploring sounds encourage baby in creating, recognising, and responding to music.  Musical cues and music to support wider learning are embedded within the classes.


Toddler classes are designed for toddlers from walking to 3. They engage toddler in singing, dancing, exploring and creating music, and begin to develop the concepts of the key elements of music.  Early instrumental skills that will evolve into playing techniques, such as blowing, strumming and striking are also introduced.  Moving to music, and singing traditional nursery rhymes also feature throughout these classes supporting language development.


Preschool classes are designed for early years children aged 3 to 5.  These classes extend the musical concepts of pitch, dynamics, tempo, rhythm and expression and help children to improvise and compose using their voices and a range of instruments.  Musical conversations support communication skills and singing and performing together develop confidence.


Lessons start promptly, and each class lasts half an hour

Cost of Classes

Each class costs £6, and fees are payable as a complete term.   Payment must be taken in advance of the course.  This cost covers room hire, all the high quality instruments that are incorporated within the sessions, and of course the highly trained teachers.  This also enables us to ensure that the class sizes remain small.  If you have more than one sibling attending we are happy to offer a 10% reduction off the total price of the combined courses.

Feeding and changing

To get the most out of your session it is best to try and make sure baby is fed and changed before the class so they are comfortable and ready.  Of course we all know this isn’t always possible, and if you find you need to feed during the session then please go ahead in your normal way.  All our venues will also have somewhere you can comfortably change your baby’s nappy.

What do I need to bring?

You don’t need to bring anything with you to the lessons other than yourself, your baby, and your usual change bag items.