These are some of the lovely things said about Music For Baby Classes…

“I’d heard some great things about the Music for Baby classes from friends over the last 6 months, but had slightly wondered whether my daughter needed another music group since we do some singing at the local library toddler sessions. Having started the classes, I can’t recommend them too highly. The classes are a world apart from the rest we’ve tried. They’re incredibly well-thought through, entirely age-appropriate and fantastically imaginative and fun. They cover everything from developing pitch and rhythm, through singing and playing a whole range of beautifully crafted wooden instruments. One moment the children might be folding paper dolls in time to the “Paper Doll Song”, and the next they’ll be learning to sync their drumbeats to an external rhythm. Karen and Mike’s background as leading national musicians and music educators is evident. My two and a half year loves the classes, and they’re probably one of the highlights of her week” – Kira-Anne Pelican

“This is so different to any other music group.  You know you’re getting the real thing when you come here” – Jessica’s Mum

“I really like Music for Baby Classes. There is a relax atmosphere, in an unhurried manner. My boy really enjoy to play a drum, also he knew a lot of new music instruments there. I hope to visit this group after Christmas holidays.” – Albert’s Mum

“These classes are brilliant for babies and toddlers, they are small, calm, relaxed, friendly, welcoming classes, an atmosphere I have not been able to find anywhere else, each child is treated special and individually within the group, my child started classes as a baby and its helped her grow into a confident toddler, it has opened her eyes to many different types of music and instruments and taught her to concentrate and listen at a very young age an excellent introduction to learning, I can’t praise it highly enough.” – Daisy’s Mum

“I love the warm, friendly and relaxed style that each session offers, and I have found it exciting to see a grasp of the basic elements of music develop.  I have found these classes are different from other classes on offer as they really help develop a sense of pitch and rhythm, which can provide babies and toddlers with a foundation that will develop into a life-long love and enjoyment of music.” – Liz Gray, primary school teacher and music specialist.

or see what Elina’s mum says:

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Karen is an invited member of the steering group for Early Years Music in the Eastern Region, covering the counties of Essex, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

Karen and Music For Baby are also members of the following professional organisations and associations:

European Network of Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children

Professional Association of community musicians

Music Development Hub for Essex